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Ten Cents Worth of Olive Oil Can Ruin a $10,000 Countertop

Innovative Stone Care Products for Home Provide Peace of Mind against Stains and Spills

WILMINGTON, Del., June 3, 2010 — Granite countertops are the number one way to make your home feel luxurious, according to a national survey, but cleaning them with every day products may be doing more harm than good. Product innovations from DuPont thwart the many threats that can seriously damage or potentially ruin all types of natural stone surfaces with an expanded family of DuPont™ Stone Care products to Protect, Clean and Enhance the significant investment of having stone in the home, improving the lives — and budgets — of homeowners across the country.

"Although they seem like extremely hard surfaces, granite, marble, travertine, slate and other types of natural stone commonly used in homes are extremely porous," said Steve Wolf, General Manager — DuPont™ Stone Care. "A stone’s polished shine doesn’t mean it is sealed, allowing substances like juice, wine, ink and perfume to seep in, causing irreparable damage. Homeowners are shocked when they see how quickly 10 cents worth of olive oil can destroy their $10,000 countertop. Properly sealing and cleaning natural stone surfaces is like an insurance policy against stains and spills, protecting its value, beauty and style."

DuPont™ Stone Care products address the needs of budget-conscious homeowners today with cost-effective, correctly formulated, protecting, enhancing, and cleaning products designed for every day use. "Many homeowners don’t ask for advice until after the damage has been done and expensive restoration is necessary," said Wolf. "With just a few simple steps and regular cleaning using the correct products, countertops and floors will look new for a lifetime."

Stones have different porosity because of their mineral composition and geological formation, but all natural stone is porous. Within seconds, a renegade splash of anything from ketchup to cosmetics can sink deep into stone, often penetrating all the way through to the other side, forever leaving an unsightly spot behind. The best way to prevent stains on natural stone and grout lines is to treat its surface with a sealer to offer protection and keep it looking new. While many stones are pre-sealed or sealed during installation, these sealers often wear away from every day use and certain all-purpose cleaners. Depending on the amount of use, a countertop or floor can become susceptible to stain penetration within one year, with most sealers fading away after five years. DuPont™ Stone Care sealers protect natural stone and include DuPont™ Granite & Marble Countertop Sealer, DuPont™ Premium Stone Sealer and DuPont™ Grout Sealer.

No matter how careful consumers are, spills happen. The same survey found that up to 85 percent of homeowners are using general all-purpose cleaners, disinfecting wipes or glass cleaners on their natural stone, which degrade the stone's sealer and dull and erode the surface. Instead, specially formulated cleaners are necessary to remove residue from cooking oils, food spills, hairspray and other offenders. If a spill does occur, experts recommend removing as much of the material as possible without allowing it to spread by using a non-abrasive sponge, then simply spray the area with a cleaner such as DuPont™ Granite & Marble Countertop Cleaner + Protector, DuPont™ Tile & Grout Cleaner or DuPont™ Heavy Duty Tile & Grout Cleaner.

Whether daily use has dulled the stone, or a shinier "wet" look is desired, the use of an enhancer can restore the luster to polished stone and tile, or bring out the surface's color, depth and beauty. DuPont™ Stone Care has many specially formulated enhancing products to treat most natural stone and tile surfaces, with or without shine, including DuPont™ Granite & Marble Countertop Polish and DuPont™ Stone Sealer & Enhancer.

DuPont™ Stone Care products are available in a variety of sizes at Lowe's, Floor & Decor, Handy Hardware and other fine retailers across the country, and at www.laticretestonecare.com.

Although proud of the carefully developed product family that it now offers, DuPont continues to challenge itself in the stone care field and is expected to announce additional product offerings that will push the boundaries of stain protection even further, making consumers lives just that much easier.

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